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Lazy Web Search 2.0

Short-cut to web searching from your keyboard by using Yahoo!
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Scorpio Software

If you use your computer day in day out, you are bound to use a search engine widely. Here is a smart tool that will allow you to reach the web-searching engine in just a second. Though the latest technology is based on the use of the different search engines available, this tool limits you to only one of them - Yahoo! Search. Lazy Web Search enables you to reach this search engine from any computer application. You just need to select any text and press Ctrl + F12, and the system will open Yahoo! Search and will automatically perform a search with the selected term or text. The way this application works is a mystery - you do not see any icon in your taskbar, or a process running, but it does its work silently. The bad thing is it does not show any UI, so you do not have the opportunity of changing certain settings. Besides, you have no clue why it is taking IE and not Mozilla as the default browser to perform your search, as you cannot even define which search engine to use. This tool is very good, but due to its limitations, it is not gaining too much popularity. It is available for most Windows operating systems, including XP and Server 2003.

mike sheth
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  • Short-cut to search engine
  • Runs silently
  • Low disk space usage


  • Limited to IE
  • Limited to Yahoo! Search
  • No settings available
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